Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drink In The Colours

It was baking day for me as I gave myself a breather from making cards. While I bake, I eagerly wait for my hubby to bring home some of my newly purchased digi stamps' print outs. To my dismay, the resolution I set for the images was a little too low, so they turned out slightly pixelated. 

So I will have to readjust the dpi for the images before I print them again. Meantime, I tested the my ProMarker colours on these images. (By the way, the font of this post is made bigger to imitate the big fonts in nursery books. Am feeling a tad bit like a little one everytime I get to colour. Bliss.)

Purchased these images just yesterday. 
My first batch of digi stamps.

Quiet happy colouring them (need I say more?) but again I am reminded I need certain colours to make better tones. And I definitely need a blender to make the colours look less stark or dull in one same intensity.



  1. Beautiful colouring.. Cant wait to see what you do with them. :)

  2. Nothing like a little coloring for some happiness quotient therapy on an afternoon! Glad you found our blog, we hope you have time to create for one of our upcoming Sunday challenges. Thanks for your sweet comment, blessings! peggysue at SSIC

  3. Hi these are gorgeous, I love colouring with my promarkers too. You really don't need a blender that much, I got one, but hardly use it. I find it easier to use different shades of the same colour. And thank you for your nice comment today :) PS don't forget there are also lots of freebies around .......... here. Hugs xxx

  4. Hi Dora, Thanks for sharing. Just got a few more ProMarkers today. Several of the greys and browns... and a blender. Well, I guess it's good to have all the basics including the blender if I want the certain effect. I get mine from a shop that sells them reasonably cheap - pack of 5 for only £5.95 ;)

    Naz, just a lil'... just in case you forgot your glasses :p