Friday, September 21, 2012

Nomadic Londoner

It's time to move home again. I have been told that Londoners are prone to moving a lot. But moving for a person with too much stuff...  like me, is big hassle. The process of packing, dismantling, cleaning up, getting movers, handing over & etc is tedious. Meh.

Nevertheless, it is well with my soul and I know that God is moving us to an even better place each time.

During this busy month,  I managed to make a very quick trip to Nottingham.

My mister rushed off to catch his NF football team playing in a match while I went to discover the town & played with my camera.


Monday, September 17, 2012

The Sporting Spirit

On 12th August, the Olympics 2012 finally came to its closing ceremony and I witnessed it at Stratford Park with some folks from church. We watched it live from large screens while chillaxing with snacks on our picnic mats. We enjoyed seeing the proud athletes during the parade & we even danced and sang along when the concert began.

The spirit of sports & competition continues into September. And I was not ready to return to blogland. I managed to grab two tickets for J & I to visit the Olympic Park on 5th September during the Paralympic games. 

While we were in the Olympic Park, we visited these :
Coca Cola interactive theme house
CGI touristy photo shot spots
Biggest McD in the world
Interactive game kiosks
Live band corner

During these exciting times, I moved home again. Oh, how I dreaded the packing stress & mess. Nonetheless, it all went well. We believe God moves us to a better place each time. All glory to Him.