Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pin That Idea

Some days when I just want to be inspired while I laze on the couch, I would be on my i-pad browsing interesting pictures of lovely random stuff on Pinterest.

Though I seldom have much space within the home to do big DIY projects, I can't help not attempting any of these seemingly easy projects especially when there is an opportunity and a reason to do one.

I made this wall art inspired by the many ideas I saw on Pinterest. This one has to do with kitchen towel rolls. For my project, I used mostly the kitchen rolls and some card boards.  I avoided toilet rolls because I wanted to avoid the E.Coli.

 The kitchen rolls were sectioned and joined into formations with glue gun.


Then, painted with acrylic paint.


And finally attached to the canvases.


They are now in a local Christian centre to greet the volunteers whenever they meet in the prayer room.