Friday, October 11, 2013

Crafty Niggles

The gloomy wet season is back. Days like these often make me feel like hiding indoors and cuddle up in my warm duvet.

But thanks to friends that think of me every so often, luring me out of my shell with the lovely all-so-familiar comfort food to melt the blues away.

The pregnancy was challenging with many bouts of nausea, rendering me exhausted. During this period of time, I had put my craft and card making on hold. And since I do not need to be rough with my fingers, I could have fancy nails.

Last year, I had a blog entry about my favourite hues for nails. I admire those crafters that display pretty manicured nails in their tutorials. I for one find it hard to maintain the polished nails as I can be rather mean with my fingers when I cook, wash or craft. Hehehe.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Recently, I have just returned to my parents' house and looked through my old stuff. I was on a mission to find an old garment among many other things. Guess what that was?

 It was my 1st birthday suit worn in 1984. For many years, it was nicely kept by my mother until sometime during my teenage years, she just decided to hand it to me for my own safekeeping. And guess what again? This lovely suit is now home with me... I anticipate the arrival of my little one in just a couple of months time. This very same suit shall be worn by her. And perhaps when my hair turns grey, it would be worn yet again by someone along my line.