Sunday, July 28, 2013

Second Trimester

The past weeks have been very challenging for me. The almost daily nausea has been so severe that I was homebound for 8 weeks. I could hardly stomach any food and suddenly certain smell of food would offend me. I was hungry but I was also nauseous. Wherever I went within the house, I had a bag in hand. Although I've read and I've been told that this nausea will subside by the second trimester, it was horrendous as long as it lasted.

Well, I am just glad that my 16 hours flight back to homeland was not another episode of nausea.

I am now in the middle of my second trimester and I don't yet look pregnant. The older female relatives would joke about themselves naturally looking more pregnant than me.

 One of the things I did while I was back was to get pampered at the hair salon. 

The nostalgic classic found at chinese barbers or salons.
One doesn't need to read chinese to understand the comic.

During this trip, the nausea & poor appetite caused me to lose weight while I am pregnant. Though I had ideas of food I might like to enjoy, I did not always end up eating them when they were served before me. 

My favourite dry beef noodle hawker stall from Chinatown 
has an outlet in a mall but they do not have the noodle option I was craving for.

Am grateful that my in-laws and my hubby were so accommodating to this new fussy pregger who was also confused with her wants.

Living 6,500 miles away from homeland would always mean missing all the important events - weddings, birthdays... and funerals. I missed saying goodbye to a dear friend but I am sure he knows he is always remembered & greatly missed.

Sorry folks if you find this entry a tad too depressing. But hey, this is just part of my colourful journey. Sometimes, there is more beauty on things in black & white monochrome ;)