Friday, August 27, 2010

Lady 'Jaja' Hat

It has been four months since I came to London. I began to feel more settled down this month after the final batch of furniture arrived the house. Liking it here. As expected, no where in the world is greener than one's home country as there are always pros & cons. I will savour every moment I have here.

This Lady Jaja is actually not a fan of Lady Gaga. But since she was gonna be tagging along to the concert, it gave her a reason to make her 1st piece of artwork in UK.

The time spent to make this blue telephone hat was totally worth it. She had at least 20 people coming up to her just to tell her that they were amazed she made the hat. And more than 15 people asked if they can photograph her. Jaja's artwork was well received. Mission accomplished. Yay!

Please view the auto slideshow of the hat I made from here - from the old blog where this entry was imported.

Tell Lady Jaja what you think! ^_^