Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sewing, YAY!

I just signed up for a fun sewing course at Homemade London. Found it online. Apparently it has just open its door for business since August this year and its owner was a BBC TV producer for the past 10 years. The teachers they hired are professionals in the industries.

I mentioned it's fun because the place actually have a casual pleasant environment. They serve wine and snacks while you attend the class.  They want the classes to be like social classes. Cool eh?

5 years ago I bought a mini sewing machine but I didn't know how to use it nor fix it when the thread got tangled. After a few months, I gave it up. Am so looking forward to learning how to use a sewing machine again. It will be a good skill to pick up even if it is just gonna be a basic one.

Well, I have signed up online but I have yet checked out the place in person. So hopefully it meets my expectation.

Creative Arts in Dance?

I am in the midst of finding some suitable craft & fashion suppliers for the continual supply of materials when I began selling my crafts. Just last week, more of my craft-for-sale stock have reached me, courtesy of a friend who came for holiday. With some jewelries and crafts, I think I ought to start looking for a good venue to sell something and start getting my own pocket money.

But before I began committing some days to man my own craft stall, I will be talking to a dance school's education consultant to see how feasible would it be for me if I were to take a foundation year in dance next year.
Would much prefer the days I work to go round my dance classes. I am looking at Contemporary Dance.

Currently, I am taking a 12-week Contemporary Dance course at Laban in south east of London. This course will end with 3 performances at Blackheath Hall not too far away from Laban itself. We will be dancing to a live orchestra band. And one of the dance items, we will be dancing among the musicians with their classical instruments. Isn't it awesome?

Pray that I will find good suppliers that would give me good prices ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lady 'Jaja' Hat

It has been four months since I came to London. I began to feel more settled down this month after the final batch of furniture arrived the house. Liking it here. As expected, no where in the world is greener than one's home country as there are always pros & cons. I will savour every moment I have here.

This Lady Jaja is actually not a fan of Lady Gaga. But since she was gonna be tagging along to the concert, it gave her a reason to make her 1st piece of artwork in UK.

The time spent to make this blue telephone hat was totally worth it. She had at least 20 people coming up to her just to tell her that they were amazed she made the hat. And more than 15 people asked if they can photograph her. Jaja's artwork was well received. Mission accomplished. Yay!

Please view the auto slideshow of the hat I made from here - from the old blog where this entry was imported.

Tell Lady Jaja what you think! ^_^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies & Duckies

This was the 2nd of 3 clay projects I did when I took up the Clay Figurine Course in mid of 2009. I was inspired to attempt baby figurines after my surfing for clay art ideas. Search results like miniature babies awed me.

It brought me memories of my craze over the miniature stuff I saw in Bangkok. These tiny items are are no bigger than our malaysian 10cent coin. Click here to view some of the stuff I saw : cakes, fruits (durians too!), tarts, vege, eggs & spices, stalls, biscuits in tin, satays, tea & snacks, pastries, seafood. I actually bought some miniatures - enough to set a hawker scene! Will post up a picture of it later.

I have been waiting to post the better resolution pictures of this other clay work I did but the pictures have been stored on an external hard disk that hasn't been so conveniently reached. So meantime, here are some lousy  pictures taken with my Sony Walkman Phone w610i sometime ago.

A special 4R size photo frame (with blue liquid and floating duckies in the glass block holding the photo in place) glued onto a timber base. Frame and base painted in white acrylic paint. The photo is one of my special pre-wedding photos. Will also post up the album here later because I made the mascots...  another artwork I made ^_^

The tiny duckies were the hardest to make. I painstakingly inserted the beak and eyes into the ducky.

I even made a tiny tap for the bath tub!

The babe has a pacifier too ;)

See the how tiny I made them ^_^

Another babe crawling at dangerous heights!

Oh well, guess what? I left this clay project on display at the clay centre for 2mths. And when I finally collected it, I misplaced it within the mall. So unfortunate! X(

Besides this project I also did a card with baby figurine for baby shower.

For my 3rd project, I did a globe tree of flowers. It is 95% done. It has been left without the complete colouring for a looong while... and when shall I finish it off? Now I wonder if I'd ever get round to doing it. Maybe, I'll post up a picture of it later... maybe ;)

*pssst* I got carried away looking at youtubes regarding teacup pigs because I stumbled upon them when surfing for the miniature pics. Terrible mistake. It's 5.30am now!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Learned a photography technique ;)

It has been awhile since I've designed anything. Lately, I have been occupied with preparation to relocating to UK. I guess I wont be posting much here until after a month settling down in Sterling Land.

Meantime, here is a photo I took of my friend during her Chinese New Year open house in February 2010. I've just  learned how to make the twirling wave effect with my DSLR camera. And I have always wondered how they make the whole picture subtle while colour is focus on an object. So I opened up Adobe Photoshop for trial and error, then voila! This is it...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Church Wedding Decor 23.01.2010

I was asked by a close brother to do his wedding decor for his Holy Matrimony. I was honoured but I was also anxious about it because I had not done a church wedding decor before. So I tried my best to help him save cost although he gave me a budget to work on. I know how wedding s could be a financial burden and I was determined to help him get the best deals to cut cost.

Wedding is just but a moment while marriage, the one that matters most. You won't want to be the richest bride and groom but a poor husband and wife later.  So, I borrowed some stuff from church and also bought materials that the newly wed could use even after the wedding which resulted half the expenses of the decor are the reusable items - I passed the items to them one week after the wedding.

At most time, I might probably reject the favour asked but just because this dear brother has been a great good ol' friend to me for 14 years, I just can't find the reason to say no. Am just very glad he finally found someone and he is getting married alas!

Display at altar - lotsa candles, flowers, grand fabric, and ivy leaves...

Upclose with the center of altar

Entrance drape from mezzanine floor, tied to pew chairs to draw more attention.

Simple decor for the church entrance door arch.

Pews decor

An impromptu flower decor for the reception table as it was kinda bare without the intended photo albums in place.

Rear view of the altar decor

A nice angle of the bridal procession ending before the altar ;)

The Bridal Table's centre piece. Previously, the restaurant only displayed the bare red cloth with 4 small tealight candles  -_-"

12 strawberries in one 5cent coin!!!

 Lil' tiny weeny vege & fruits - strawberries, oranges, bananas & egg plants.

Aren't they just adorable? Oh, but making these lil' ones really gave the eyes and stubby fingers a hard time ;)


A beaver almost the size of Malaysian 5 cent coin.

Quack quack

Duck size as compared to a Malaysian 10 cent coin.

Palm / Coconut Tree

 Whole tree

Tree Upclose

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cards Library

Pencil pop up cover

Pencil pop up feature from back elevation


Pop Art

Girl with balloons (made from clay)


Tooth fairy :)

Cheeky - pull the tongue and you'll see saliva

Jewel card... oops one jewel dropped ; p

Love Dove


Baby Split instead of banana split ;) (banana and babe made from clay)

Chocs or me?

xoxo ^_^

Pop up heart inside

Bear huggy

Nature calls? tehee

Missing you

Heart pop up cover

Heart pop up feature from back elevation

Bear draws

Had already sold some of these cards at the Flea Market at Sunway Lagoon Club. There was no crowd. Very few people came throughout the whole period from 10am-7pm. Some vendors couldn't stand it, packed and left their booth at 2pm.

It was my 1st experience as a vendor and I stayed till 7pm. Thank God my sales did not only cover the booth rental but also made a little bit more. It was more of the response I craved to see from people towards my art and not the sales. Really.

For next venue, I'll be aiming for Amcorp Mall. Hopefully I can get to register for a booth there for the last weekend of February.  Fingers crossed!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Sorry peeps. I have to get ready for Sunway Flea Market this 7th February, Sunday so... I got lotsa to prepare right till the date. At my booth, there will be corsages, cute cny gifts, handmade cards, special mirrors, some clearance accessories, henna drawings & balloon art.

[caption id="attachment_126" align="aligncenter" width="128" caption="February Sunway Flea Market Sunday featuring eyeARTyou"]

February Sunway Flea Market Sunday featuring eyeARTyou

So I wont post anything or any of my art archives here for some time till am more rested ;) Still find uploading stuff here is a hassle as I am still getting use to the wordpress functions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clay Art Tissue Box

[gallery link="file"]

Some months ago,  was a period when I decided to stop working and to take up a clay modeling course. It's not pottery type of clay but more fun like figurine making like dolls, flowers, tissue box, clocks, music boxes and etc. The centre I went to actually do have a professional artist that specializes in clay design. His art acquires techniques and his precision skill in detail is amazing.

My 1st clay project was to make a tissue box. the box was a ready made box but painted with oil paint for the start. Then I adorned the box with all clay art - pumpkins and leaves, timber fencing and a grey rabbit on top, munching away a tiny pumpkin. I love it to bits. What do you think?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Business Card for Hubby

I designed this card* for my hubby. Also made through Adobe Photoshop. What do you think?

*Contact & email address have been eliminated for the privacy purpose.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Name Card

I envisioned myself like a factory always producing creative ideas. This card* was done through Adobe Photoshop.  I also did church wedding decor, earring holder box, 2D mascots, clay art & etc.

I will post these art in the near future.

So, stay tune ^_^

*Contact & email address have been eliminated for the privacy purpose.

Objective Of This Blog

It’s 2010 now and it was 2 days after  my birthday

that I have made a resolution to stop procrastinating on this.

It has been some years since I wanted to try selling my art.

I have decided to put discouragements and fear behind

and to brave my 1st step by starting a blog dedicated

to the works of my art.

My 2nd step would be to display and market my art at some random bazaars all around Klang Valley.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Shower Card

[caption id="attachment_8" align="aligncenter" width="349" caption="A Taste Of Joy"][/caption]

The theme of this card is for Baby Shower. The spoon was made of plastic while the tiny babe and the water spilled was made from a type of air hardening clay.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You just gotta love it.

This is where I shall show the world my expression of love for art.