Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Church Wedding Decor 23.01.2010

I was asked by a close brother to do his wedding decor for his Holy Matrimony. I was honoured but I was also anxious about it because I had not done a church wedding decor before. So I tried my best to help him save cost although he gave me a budget to work on. I know how wedding s could be a financial burden and I was determined to help him get the best deals to cut cost.

Wedding is just but a moment while marriage, the one that matters most. You won't want to be the richest bride and groom but a poor husband and wife later.  So, I borrowed some stuff from church and also bought materials that the newly wed could use even after the wedding which resulted half the expenses of the decor are the reusable items - I passed the items to them one week after the wedding.

At most time, I might probably reject the favour asked but just because this dear brother has been a great good ol' friend to me for 14 years, I just can't find the reason to say no. Am just very glad he finally found someone and he is getting married alas!

Display at altar - lotsa candles, flowers, grand fabric, and ivy leaves...

Upclose with the center of altar

Entrance drape from mezzanine floor, tied to pew chairs to draw more attention.

Simple decor for the church entrance door arch.

Pews decor

An impromptu flower decor for the reception table as it was kinda bare without the intended photo albums in place.

Rear view of the altar decor

A nice angle of the bridal procession ending before the altar ;)

The Bridal Table's centre piece. Previously, the restaurant only displayed the bare red cloth with 4 small tealight candles  -_-"


  1. I'm not sure how many sleepless nights you'd put through...not just for the cost bit but the excitement! Really like the table piece =) and how you make some materials usable after wedding.

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    2. If it wasn't because of the distance and the time factors, I would be there being involved prepping & doing your wedding decor...

  2. hmm... well, i am sure u can empathize with me. it's just like the satisfaction you have after you are done with a model. after that you would just stare and stare at it and sometimes would grin at it like you would with a baby.

    on the 1st day of my ID foundation year, my lecturer said there's a different between an ID and interior decorator which any aunty can be. Decorating does not give a solution but design does aside from the aesthetic value. so i guess i just had to work within budget and being able to recycle materials do bring back fond memories. put it this way, i took it as a serious assignment with an interesting case study. it was do or die. u won't want to ruin people's wedding atmosphere and it's something that people will continue to see in their pics in a looong run and you'd be remembered for that.