Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Don't you just love it when you stumbled upon photos that bring you good memories? Found these pictures while I was combing through my old photos in the hard disk.


 (pearl buttons, paper bag strings, lace, paper flower and card board)

 (red velvet paper, card board, black buttons, string, green organza)

These were made upon the request of  a couple who were getting married in 2005. They were used at their wedding dinner reception to keep the monetary gifts received that evening.

Unfortunately, these boxes did not last through the dinner. I was told that their wedding planner was in a hurry to retrieve the monies from these securely-permanently-glued boxes, he got his assistants to tear them apart. The boxes were too big for the safe.
To my horror, the torn boxes were discarded on spot! Oh, my labour of love being trashed.

 Well, nevertheless a lesson learned. Never ever seal a box permanently if you are leaving it at the mercy of others and if you intend to reuse or keep it. I am just glad I did not forget to photograph it (with my then Sony Ericsson feature phone) before handing the boxes to the couple :) Thank God for the digital camera era.