Saturday, June 25, 2011

My 2nd Blog Award

This month has been an awesome one so far.

What after winning the Sugar Creek Hollow's card challenge, Wendy from 1st Unique Gifts awarded me with this blog award :

Thank you Wendy. What an honour! I will do my best to hunt for the next 7 bloggers that deserve this award too. Hopefully when I come back with another post announcing this award recipients, they will take me seriously and gladly accept it.

Just in April 2011, I passed on the Liebster Award to others. I left a comment on their blogs and even emailed some to notify them of the award but none of them responded/acknowledged it. How odd! Strange especially because at least two out of these five bloggers seem to be active and responsive. If you are friends with any of them, please do notify her on my behalf, ya.

When I come back to announce the recipients, I will also share with you 7 random things about myself - as required by the Versatile Blogger Award. Meantime, I will bring my sniper 'mouse' with me and hunt for the next 7 recipients ;)

Stay tune.

I would like to invite some crafters to join me at this craft swap... erm, not exactly a swap but you get something handmade from me and you are to make something to give to next 5 persons. It's the 'Pay It Forward' project. I discovered it on someone else's blog and decided to participate in this meaningful project. Click here to join me or to read more about it. Only 3 more places left. So hurry!


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