Saturday, June 25, 2011

My First Martha Stewart Craft Punch - Won From DYSU Challenge

My card challenge award from Do You Stack Up (sponsored by Copics Scrapbooker) has finally reached me.

Initially I was told I won a Martha Stewart craft punch. I was already thrilled as I have always wanted a MS craft punch but have been telling myself that recently I have invested too much on craft tools and materials. I will need to delay gratification. Little did I know my first MS craft product would be won instead of purchased! Good is good.

Due to some reason the delivery of award have been postponed twice. So after a long wait of more than a month, Copics Scrapbooker upgraded my award to Martha Stewart's Punch Round The Page set! Woohoo! Who would mind waiting if you know you will be upgraded for anything? Though I didn't know that I would receive the upgrade, I waited patiently because it's a free item. And these card challenges are meant to be helping me make more cards consistently. Winning anything is a bonus.

The long awaited punch reached me yesterday in a very good packaging. Well done, Copics Scrapbooker!

And this is the MS set I was given.

Ah, bliss...

I would like to invite some crafters to join me at this craft swap... erm, not exactly a swap but you get something handmade from me and you are to make something to give to next 5 persons. It's the 'Pay It Forward' project. I discovered it on someone else's blog and decided to participate in this meaningful project. Click here to join me or to read more about it. Only 3 more places left. So hurry!


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  1. wow, congratulation...! you're seems wearing "lucky" jacket recently, so don't waste every single chance of winning anything...!