Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hank, friend of Thomas ;)

Just in case, you thought it was a genuine mistake, I had in mind Thomas & Friends when I gave the title to my previous blog ;) Thus, it was 'Hank' and not 'Crank' up the Engine. Whoo-whoo!~

'Hank' up the Engine (Thomas & Friends)

On Wednesday, I received the fabulous machine, Sizzix Big Shot Express. I was so eager to use it but my card project of that moment had to be completed before I began playing and exploring Sizzix. 

So when I finally got all 24 cards done and delivered this evening, I got my hands on the Sizzix. I tried it out with my 1st die cut template, Tim Holtz's Alteration Sizzix Ornament and then the Fiskars texture plates. 

Tim Holtz's Alteration Sizzix Ornamental Die

Fiskars Texture Plates Assortment II

I also used the Cuttlebug's embossing folder, Swiss Dots to emboss 10 ivory square cards. I had this manic grin while embossing. I was so delighted with how good the cards can look. 

Cuttlebug Swiss Dot Embossing Folder

As I experimented the embossing with several type of cards, I realized that the mirror and pearlescent type have the best embossed effect. I totally love it! 

It has been a craft buying month and it seems to me that with all these new craft tools, I now need more storage to keep them. -_-"  Oh, I believe all crafters who work from home have this problem of not ever having enough space for their craft craze. Aye?

The card making engine has just started and I shall not let any other activities get in the way for a while. I have been distracted several times when I was online getting inspiration for my cards, I ended up surfing about cupcakes, clay art, haberdashery and etc. Ooh, need to stay focus ;)

Will post up the pics of the other Chinese New Year cards I made sometime later in mid of February when most of the recipients have the actual cards in their hands. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confession 101

Yes, I have a confession to make. : p

I do not usually make cards when I want to give one. And I love sending cards to people, so I ended up buying those non handmade cards instead. I guess buying non handmade cards is not a good testimony for my own card making business... so I have to make yet another new year resolution : 
Send/Buy only handmade cards  
... that would be after I used up all the non handmade ones I have accumulated. ^_^

Unconventional CNY cards

There isn't much atmosphere in London for Chinese New Year  as expected. But my hubby said there would be some activities in Chinatown on the 6th February which is the 4th day of CNY. Just realized that CNY is not exactly based on a Lunar Calendar but Lunisolar that incorporates elements of both Lunar & Solar calendars.

Since there isn't much of a big event here in the west, CNY card designs are limited in those Asian shops. So I decided to make them this year. Wanted to create several not-so-staunch-china-red cards. So, here is my 1st design.

Made a DIY stamp for a chinese character. 福 means blessings.

I think I did alright for someone who isn't chinese educated. This stamp is definitely
worth keeping, eh? By the way, it was used on the inside on the card.

The 1st design for CNY card 2011.

I am planning to make more cards tonight. This next batch will be made to look more conventional. Have to rush the production as I hope for the cards to be delivered and received by some loved ones overseas in time for the celebration.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Cards From Octopus

Did I say Octopus? I meant October!(japanese sushi just came to mind, though I prefer fish over octopus). 

Here is a quick post of some cards I made since October 2010. Not that many and I certainly need more resources and proper materials to make better cards ;)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year, New Blog Site!

I have just exported the blog from Wordpress to Blogger. Slowly revamping the look of this blog and getting use to the features. Please bear with me while I adjust the misalignment of the photos and captions due to the migration.

Can't wait to make more craft friends here. ^_^

Okay back to normal font size. ;)

HAPPY 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!
The Lord has given me my verse of the year from Isaiah 40:31, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint".

It has been awhile since I last blogged. Among my new year resolutions, two of them would be...
1. Blog more regularly and post up pics of my crafts and such. Perhaps at least once a week.
2. Be aggressive with my card making and begin selling the cards (and not keep them).

John has already offered to set up another site for me just for my craft sales ;) For past one week, I got a bit too crazy about the idea of making good quality cards, I surfed for inspirations and ended up desiring the craft tools and materials at online shops. Bought several stuff. Among the stuff I bought :

Craft stamp set of 75

This was a steal. Make a wild guess how much it costed me? Only £19.90! What a good set to begin my stamping art experience. God is good. Next, I just invested on an embossing cum die cutting machine, Sizzix Big Shot 'Express'.

Sizzix Big Shot Express

This machine is such a hot item that it is almost never in stock anywhere in UK. I have been comparing prices and checking for stock of this item for some months and it was always out of stock. The quaint thing (it's my Father's doing!) is that the night after I left one window of online shop with Sizzix on the page, I was pleasantly surprised that the item status got changed to 'Available'. I couldn't believe my eyes and I refreshed the page several times. While I made the payment (within 20minutes), the status reverted back to 'Out Of Stock' again! But I caught if when there's stock in such a short window of time. It should reach me in3-5 days. Praise the Lord. Thank God for blessing me with this item and hubby to pay for it. ^_^ Ooh, I am so excited.
This 'Express' version is an upgrade of the regular Sizzix Big Shot. Express one operates with electric. Therefore it is effortless and would do the job with just one touch of the button. Unlike the regular version, one will need to use the crank.

I started playing with Fiskars Texture (embossing) Plates using the Fiskars Texture Tool.

Fiskars Texture Tool

It can be rather tiring embossing manually bit by bit. So, usually I won't do more than 3 sheets of embossing in the same day.

I am slowly discovering more of the craft brands like Stampin' Up, American Crafts, Fiskars, Sissix, Cuttlebug, Spellbinder, Papermania, Promarkers, Memento and etc. I have to say that crafting can be expensive if you are an avid crafter. ;)

Yawn, it's 5.45am now. And I am still up because the inspiration came past midnight and I began working on some CNY cards.  Done for now. Will load the pics of the CNY cards and others that I made since I came to London. Tata.