Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year, New Blog Site!

I have just exported the blog from Wordpress to Blogger. Slowly revamping the look of this blog and getting use to the features. Please bear with me while I adjust the misalignment of the photos and captions due to the migration.

Can't wait to make more craft friends here. ^_^

Okay back to normal font size. ;)


  1. Didn't I just comment? Heck, got bugs.
    Anyway, you seem to change blogs more often than Alfred changes his jeans (which is every 3 months at the beginning of every season, in case you didn't know) :)

  2. heya naz, it's the mode for moderation not bugs ;)

    c'mon, you should cheer me on for still insisting on blogging and making my crafts with these hands than to endlessly waste time and watch series whole day, right? Trying to be consistent and making it a habit.

    Yuck, don't want to know anymore about what Alfred changes and not :p

  3. Am waiting for you to go into something more useful, so that I can make use of you. Maybe you should take up a hobby like making wooden furniture, fixing electrical appliances or house renovations? :) hehe

  4. Haha, Nazri - airing Alfred's dirty laundry...? ;p