Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies & Duckies

This was the 2nd of 3 clay projects I did when I took up the Clay Figurine Course in mid of 2009. I was inspired to attempt baby figurines after my surfing for clay art ideas. Search results like miniature babies awed me.

It brought me memories of my craze over the miniature stuff I saw in Bangkok. These tiny items are are no bigger than our malaysian 10cent coin. Click here to view some of the stuff I saw : cakes, fruits (durians too!), tarts, vege, eggs & spices, stalls, biscuits in tin, satays, tea & snacks, pastries, seafood. I actually bought some miniatures - enough to set a hawker scene! Will post up a picture of it later.

I have been waiting to post the better resolution pictures of this other clay work I did but the pictures have been stored on an external hard disk that hasn't been so conveniently reached. So meantime, here are some lousy  pictures taken with my Sony Walkman Phone w610i sometime ago.

A special 4R size photo frame (with blue liquid and floating duckies in the glass block holding the photo in place) glued onto a timber base. Frame and base painted in white acrylic paint. The photo is one of my special pre-wedding photos. Will also post up the album here later because I made the mascots...  another artwork I made ^_^

The tiny duckies were the hardest to make. I painstakingly inserted the beak and eyes into the ducky.

I even made a tiny tap for the bath tub!

The babe has a pacifier too ;)

See the how tiny I made them ^_^

Another babe crawling at dangerous heights!

Oh well, guess what? I left this clay project on display at the clay centre for 2mths. And when I finally collected it, I misplaced it within the mall. So unfortunate! X(

Besides this project I also did a card with baby figurine for baby shower.

For my 3rd project, I did a globe tree of flowers. It is 95% done. It has been left without the complete colouring for a looong while... and when shall I finish it off? Now I wonder if I'd ever get round to doing it. Maybe, I'll post up a picture of it later... maybe ;)

*pssst* I got carried away looking at youtubes regarding teacup pigs because I stumbled upon them when surfing for the miniature pics. Terrible mistake. It's 5.30am now!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Learned a photography technique ;)

It has been awhile since I've designed anything. Lately, I have been occupied with preparation to relocating to UK. I guess I wont be posting much here until after a month settling down in Sterling Land.

Meantime, here is a photo I took of my friend during her Chinese New Year open house in February 2010. I've just  learned how to make the twirling wave effect with my DSLR camera. And I have always wondered how they make the whole picture subtle while colour is focus on an object. So I opened up Adobe Photoshop for trial and error, then voila! This is it...