Saturday, November 26, 2011

Check-in to the Red Box

I've finally completed my Pay It Forward project. Made one small little DIY item as requested by the project and also added several little cardmaking goodies into the package :)


Hope my PIY recipients (Marlene, Christa & Zhana) would enjoy it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Typewriter & Candy Jar

After months of depriving myself from card making and with hubby's full support & approval, I bought these new sets of stamps (through Create&Craft) and the Christmas paper pad :) 

I know my hubs would just allow me to buy anything but it's just nice that whenever I asked for his opinion and he would lovingly give the green light.


I have been eyeing these stamp designs particularly the typewriter and the jar. Glad to finally own them. Yay!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Dance Stress

It's the 2nd half of the term now. There are tons of assignments, choreographies and rehearsals to be done. My body is strained and my muscles ache while my brain has been suffering from memory crunch remembering loads of new steps on and off. I feel I am filled to the brim. Overwhelmed.

Just ended one dance assignment and got it off my back. It was a huge relief for less than a week and the stress returned with bigger burden after that. I feel like I can't cope. Sigh.

O Lord, Your grace is sufficient for me. I pray that You will give me the strength, courage, patience and dignity as I struggle to pull through till the end of the course.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bookmark for a Bestie


Just would like to share with you a quick bookmark I made for a close gal friend who had just turned 30 on 11.11.11. Hope she would like it.



New Toy Experiments

This is a long overdue post to show my experiments with the challenge prizes I won sometime ago.

The Helz Cuppleditch's Fairy Cakes stamp won from Craft Your Days Away Challenge :

The stamps and my own coloured stamp images were placed side by side to see if my choice of colours was good enough. I think they look alright, what say ya? ;0)

And one other toy, Martha Stewart's punch round the page set won from Do You Stack Up Challenge :


This was not a proper card. It was just a mock-up which I did not like, so it did not make it to a friend whom I intended it for.

Am very pleased with these toys. Looking forward to using them for cards.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Pay it Forward DIY Project

Well, I have joined this project from Alison blog (formally known as StretchNBubbles) and taken it upon myself since 14th May 2011. The project is to be done before the end of 2011. I have hoped for five persons to join me but only 3 made it so far. It's November now and I won't have much time before I get too busy towards Christmas season. As it is, I am already occupied with dance classes and assignments to finish before the end of term.

So I have decided to just complete my project by sharing my love with the special 3 gals that had responded to the project on my blog post :
Marlene from D World Of Marlene Lo (I love her cardmaking style, go check her out!)
Christa from Serendipity Originals (My new craft friend within London who is passionate about cardmaking too  ^_^)
Zhana from Lovely Thread Garden (Another friend made through my blog giveaway, she does lovely tatting and embroidery)
 Girls, I am in the midst of preparing your gifts and will certainly send them your way by December. Hope you remember to do your PIF project too from your blog ;) 

Just thought it would be nice to mention their blog sites here... it's a also another priceless way for paying it forward ;)

I can't wait to get my hands on my craft tools and make some cards again. Time is indeed a luxury for me now. Oh, I just gotta be patient as course is ending in mid December.