Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Toy Experiments

This is a long overdue post to show my experiments with the challenge prizes I won sometime ago.

The Helz Cuppleditch's Fairy Cakes stamp won from Craft Your Days Away Challenge :

The stamps and my own coloured stamp images were placed side by side to see if my choice of colours was good enough. I think they look alright, what say ya? ;0)

And one other toy, Martha Stewart's punch round the page set won from Do You Stack Up Challenge :


This was not a proper card. It was just a mock-up which I did not like, so it did not make it to a friend whom I intended it for.

Am very pleased with these toys. Looking forward to using them for cards.



  1. Well done on your wins, have fun :) .. and your card looks really nice even though you did not like it. Love the idea for the groom's suit, very creative xxx

  2. i never won anything related to card making leh =)

  3. heya jen! thanks. surprising you still have the time and energy to fb and blog after having your baby girl. hope you cope well with both ally and ben.

    thanks, dora. i guess i prefer either the tux and corset to be smaller or the card to be bigger. i will try again making it with the card and accessories to the proportion. just can't wait to play with crafts again ;) have you been on the movie set again lately?

    hey sifu, that's because i wasn't working. all i did was making a card everyday and entering each card to 5-10challenges. i joined the challenges to push myself to practise cardmaking. it was lotsa of work, time and effort. but of course, you won't need to train yourself the way i do - your cards are good and moreover your job would have taken most of your day. these prizes are His grace and encouragement to me lah ^_^

  4. hi Jo... Such a gorgeous card.. love how you have used the punchers to make the shirt and dress.. brilliant :D

  5. hey annie! thanks. oh we've not caught up for sometime :) me bad, i've been away from blogland for a long while. nice to have heard from you again.