Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaga-like hat appeared at Royal Wedding

Shocked by the choice of hat design for Princess Beatrice (Prince William's cousin). Immediately it reminded me of Gaga's lobster hat. I wonder if her hat maker drew inspiration from that and if the princess is Gaga's fan too ;)

*Yawn* The wait for the kiss and wave of the newly wed Prince William & Princess Kate at the Buckingham Palace is like eternity. (Woah!!! They just came out at this very moment as I type). They waved and waved. Then, they just kissed. It was funny when while the BBC was replaying their kiss in slow mo, the duo kissed again for the second time and the surprised BBC quickly switched to the camera focusing on them live : ) It's also fun to see how these crowd remained at the compound even after the Couple returned indoors. It was as though they were expecting an encore from a band. XD

Oh well, gotta sleep now since I have finally witnessed the glamourous moment.

Thanks for the public holiday, Prince William & Princess Kate ;) 'Goodnight'.


The Royal Wedding of Prince William & (Princess) Catherine

I have my alarm clock set to wake me and my Mr up for the Big Day. I will join the world in witnessing one of the most watched weddings on this Planet Earth. Well, we shall wake up at about 10am (BST) and while still in our sleepwear and bed heads, drag ourselves over to camp in front of the box called TV. We have decided not to join in the throngs of Britons and tourists on the streets as the local TV would most likely give us the best views and coverage of the event in the comfort of our home. ;) 

For the past week, the local TV has been broadcasting not only how Prince William and Kate were raised, educated, met and etc but also the lineage of both family trees from before World War II. Though boring to some people, I like watching documentaries like these. I even went online to read more about the British Royal Family. 

So, here in this post I am giving you a very short pictorial synopsis of what I have gathered from the huge chunks of info I digested. Hope this blog post is more fun for you to learn about their backgrounds and marriages. Ready? Let's go!

Queen Elizabeth I & King George VI
(Albert Frederick Arthur George & Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon)

26th April 1923
Special Note :  
  • King Edward VIII (Elder brother of Albert) chose to abdicate in favour of Albert, rather than abandon his plans to marry Mrs Simpson. Albert was unprepared and reluctantly became king in his place on 11 December 1936. 
  • Although Elizabeth was a descendant of King Robert the Bruce (Robert I of Scotland) and King Henry VII of England, she was, according to British law, a commoner
Sparks Began : Summer 1920 at a dance party.
Obstacle For Relationship : Elizabeth (also lineage of British Prime Ministers) refused the proposal of Albert twice due to her preference of freedom from royal responsibilites and restrictions. 
Sacrifice :  Elizabeth embodied traditional ideas of royal family and public service.
Venue of Wedding Ceremony : Westminster Abbey
Live News Hits : Unknown - before TV & Radio was invented ;)

An easier way to find out about King George VI & Queen Elizabeth I is to just watch a movie out in 2010 entitled, The King Speech. Unless you are part of the minority who do not like watching films.

Queen Elizabeth II  &  Prince Philip
(Philip Mountbatten & Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)

20th November 1947

Special Note : Queen Elizabeth nicknamed 'Lilibet' is the current Queen in reign. 
Sparks Began : When Queen was age 13.
Obstacle For Relationship : Her decision to marry Prince Philip was at first shunned by the British Royal Family because Prince Philip's is from the lineage of Germans and had close ties with the Nazis - 3 of his sisters married to German princes, some of them with Nazi connections). 
Sacrifices :  Before the marriage, Philip renounced his Greek and Danish titles, converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism, and changed his surname to his mother's - Mountbatten.
Venue of Wedding Ceremony : Westminster Abbey
Live News Hits : Recorded and broadcasted by BBC radio to 200 million people around the world.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana
(Charles Philip Arthur George & Diana Frances Spencer)

29th July 1981

Special Note : 
  • Diana was from the lineage of King Charles II of England & King James II of England.
  • Diana's parent's divorced when she was 7 - her mother had affair with a married man.
Sparks Began : Summer of 1980
Obstacle For Relationship : Camilia came into the picture. Charles' marriage with Diana began to wreck within the first 5 years, separated in late 80s, ended on 1992 and eventually they divorced in 1996.
Sacrifices :  Despite the infidelity of Charles, for many years Diana stayed married to him,continued to make appearances and performed her royal duties alongside him. What else? Young children are always victims, are they not?
Venue of Wedding Ceremony : St Paul's Cathedral
Live News Hits :  Estimated worldwide television audience of 750 million people.

  Prince William & Princess Kate
(William Arthur Philip Louis & Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton)

 29th April 2011

Special Note : 
  • William was known as 'Steve' by other students in St Andrews to avoid any journalists overhearing and realising his identity.
  • After this royal wedding, William will no longer only associate Westminster Abbey as a venue for the funeral of his mum, Princess Diana but also where his joyous union with (Princess) Kate was.
  • The press has nicknamed Kate as the 'New Diana' but c'mon... let the new princess have her own identity! 
  • Upon the wedding, Kate will receive some or all of these titles : Her Royal Highness The Duchess of _____ / Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales / Princess of the United Kingdom / Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine.
Sparks Began : 2003 while still in University of St Andrews.
Obstacle For Relationship : Kate was being overly harassed by the paparazzi and they almost ruined Kate&Will's chance to be together with all the rumours they irresponsibly reported. All these tension led to their break up in 14 April 2007.
Venue of Wedding Ceremony : Westminster Abbey
Live News Hits :  Expected 2 billion ^_^

Well, I have this blog entry done due to the increase of interest of the British Royal Weddings leading up to the one of William & Kate. Surely there are a lot more juicy details other  I am no historian. I certainly have to give the credit to Wikipedia for offering so much useful info and the BBC documentaries. As of the photos, they are found through Google and I know not of the true original source. 

I am not exactly a true fan of the Royal Family. This is just my bit for expressing my gladness of the union. Unlike a 56 year old man who had begun to camp opposite the Abbey from 25th April to ensure himself a good view of the event. 

In any case, if you don't care about this whole big hoo-ha... enjoy your free day off (that's if you are entitled to one).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Chill

Hello everyone,

Busy Easter weekend has just passed, relatives are arriving tomorrow and the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate is just this Friday. So while I have a bit more time to spare now, I gotta quickly submit my card for challenges.

Have used this sketch...

... and this Photo Inspiration for colours.
This card is made with my first set of House Mouse stamp.  Using it for the 1st time. Totally loving it. Made three of these...

House Mouse chilling in a fizzy tangerine drink ;)

House mouse images are just so cute!

Stamps: Image & Sentiment (House Mouse Summer Chill Out, Circle Dot (Prima) , Faux Stitching (Bo Bunny's Dis-Stress Me out)
Paper: 5"x7" Orange Card (Royal Langnickel), Blue Card Stock, DCWV Spring Stack
Ink: Tuxedo Black (Memento)
Promarkers : Saffron, Satin, Raw Sienna, Dusty Pink, Soft Lime, Soft Peach, Pumpkin, Duck Egg, Pastel Blue, Denim Blue, Leaf Green, Blender 
Embellishment: White Grosgrain Ribbon (coloured with Promarker's Pumpkin), 3mm Colour Gems (Anita's), Papermania Buttons, Lace, Glitter Glue
Tools: Corner Punch (Siesta)

Sending this summer drink to :

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blessed Easter

It has been a tiring day for me. Baked 160 Pandan (Screw Pine Leaf) Choc Chip Cupcakes for church's Easter activity tomorrow. Now my shoulders are in pain. But I am glad the cupcakes were fine. Tomorrow will be my 1st Easter Friday Holiday ever as my home country does not have a holiday for it.

On Maundy Thursday (just awhile ago), we attended a fellowship at church. It's was pretty free and easy as we had dinner while watching a pastor demonstrating and sharing about Passover Meal's elements and what each item symbolizes. On Easter Friday itself, we will be joining some church members to reach out to the people in the Easter Market near church through prayers and 'Psalm' (not 'palm') reading ^_^ There will also be a procession with the Cross at some point of time. This Easter will certainly be a whole experience for me.

I have made some cards but doesn't have the time to post it up and do the linking. So that will have to wait till after Easter weekend or so.

So, meantime... here's wishing everyone who shares the same faith, a

B l e s s e d    E a s t e r 

May you have a reflective weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cupcake Trio

Dear craft friends,

It's cupcake time! Who would say no to a cupcake? It's like saying no to a beautiful flower... except it cannot be eaten ;)

It's good to have plain white ribbon and have it coloured in any shade you want to compliment your project. That's exactly what I did for this round.

Stamps: Cupcakes (Inkanido), Sentiment (unknown from Rubbernecker), Background Spots & Faux Stitching (Bo Bunny's Dis-Stress Me out)
Paper: 5"x7" Yellow Card (Royal Langnickel), Pearlescent Deep Purple Card, White Paper Scrap
Ink: Black Tuxedo (Memento), Old Paper (Distress)
Promarkers : Saffron, Lipstick, Dusty Pink, Canary, Pumpkin, Amethyst, Duck Egg, Pastel Blue, Leaf Green, Blender 
Embellishment: 1cm White Grosgrain Ribbon, 3mm Colour Gems (Anita's)
Tools: Threading Water Border Punch (Fiskars), Swiss Dots Embossing Folder (Provocraft)

I like how the sight of cupcake can already cheers me up. There definitely be more cupcake cards coming as I have 8 other cupcake stamps I have yet gotten ink on! Sweet ^_^

Sending this trio as an appetite feast for the eyes of DT members and other challenge participants at :
2 Sisters Challenge - BINGO Punch > Embossing >Ribbon
The ABC Challenge - S for Sugar & Spice Of course, there's sugar in these cupcakes! ;)

By the way, please take note I am having my 1st Blog Candy giveaway. Check it out here.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Liebster Award Presentation Time!

On March 2nd 2011, I was given this Liebster Blog Award by Dora from Especially For You Cards. Each award receiver is required to pass on the award to the other blooming craft bloggers. I mentioned more about it in my previous post upon receiving the award.

This Liebster Blog Award was created for bloggers who have fewer than 300 followers (oh, I am not greedy... let's make mine reach 30 followers for a start ^_^) , but still put a lot of love and heart into their work. It is given to bring light to new blogs and it's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you want to share with others. The rules of this award are:

1.) Create a post where you blog about the Liebster love award and choose 3-5 blogs to pass this award to.

2.) Let these bloggers know you passed this award to them.

3.) Copy and paste this award on your blog


Sorry for such delayed award presentation but I couldn't make up my mind  and almost all the blogs I follow have either more than 300 followers or already been given the same award. With some time spent hunting for new award receivers and with some consideration, I have made up a list of 5 recipients. So, I am now presenting this award

to (*drum rolls*) ...

Andrea from Playing With Paper
Jennifer from Our Change Of Art
Mei from MeiFlower

Yay! Now, everybody claps!!

Congrats, ladies. I hope this made your day as it did for me. Remember to pay it forward.

May your blogging days be filled with hope, love and lotsa fun.



My 1st Blog Candy Giveaway

Hey peeps, this is my 1st Blog Candy Giveaway. Weee!~ This candy giveaway is open to all bloggers worldwide and will be drawn randomly by the Inklinz.

The picture for sidebar - Option 1

I have finally decided to have it in conjunction with  


The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate.

As this wedding would be one of the most watched weddings in the world (since Princess Diana's), 

Picture  from

I would like to have a Blog Candy Giveaway to spread the royal love to blogland too :) I am glad that I am now in the right town to witness the grand event.

Now, here are the 1-2-3-4 rules you need to abide with for joining the draw :
1) Become a follower if you are not one already.
2) You must own a blog.
3) Place this Candy giveaway photo on your sidebar (the 1st or last pic in this post) and the photo must linked back to this post.
4) Each follower is entitled one entry only.

Thereafter, you must click the blue button 'ADD YOUR LINK 'at the bottom of this blog post
in order to have your name recorded for this Candy giveaway. Missing any of these steps will jeopardize your chance to win. So make sure you click on the button!

I will have to disqualify those who did not fulfill the rules. But I would love anyone, everyone to play, so please stick to the simple rules

Meantime, here are some close up pictures and a list of items included for the blog candy.

  • Debbi Moore Designs CD - 100 Beautiful Vintage Flowers Coloured Images
  • Papermania Pink Sparking Trims - 6 x 1m
  • Assorted ribbons (5mm width) with metallic lining - 6 x 1m
  • Red Satin Ribbon (10mm width) - 2.5m
  • White Organza Ribbon (45mm width) with gold lining - 2.5m
  • Peach Organza Ribbon (45mm width) with gold lining - 2.5m
  • Off White Lace Trimming (25mm width) - 2.5m
  • KARS Clear Stamp - Angel
  • KARS Clear Stamp - Star Ornament with inset Heart
  • KARS Clear Stamp - Seashells
  • Small Pack of Blue Buttons
  • Small Pack of Pastel Buttons
  • Green & Blue Chunky Glitter 
  • White Snowflakes Brads
  • Christmas Mitten Die Cuts
  • KARS Alphabet Stencil
  • Lead & Knickel Chain with Pendant
  • Green Maple Leaf Embellishments
  • Papermania Floral Element Cards & Envelopes - A6 x 5
  • Assorted Cluster Craft Flowers - Red, Orange, White, Yellow, Black Jewel, Clear Jewel

The picture for sidebar - Option 2

The collection will end at 23:59 (GMT) on 31st May 2011. Please note that the lucky winner will be announced though my blog post within the same week and will not be notified personally. If the candy is not claimed by email within the 48 hours from the announcement, a new winner will be drawn. So, please watch this space and have your eyes peeled! >_<

You may mention this blog candy on your blog post - this is not a must but if you do, you would make my day twice as much! XD Please feel free to leave me a comment.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Easter?

This will be my first attempt to make an Easter card. 

Easter to many people is a holiday filled with eggs, bunnies and such while Christmas, an even more well received and celebrated event worldwide has been associated with Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, hollies, turkey and etc. But do people remember that Easter (though not as popular as Christmas) is also an important day? - literally 'for Christ sake'.

Sometimes, I do wonder if people know what they are celebrating. No offense, I know fairytale is fun and I like them too but I really do wonder if people (the non church goers) remember what Easter is all about? 

To me, Easter is the completion of the Christmas story... Jesus' purpose on earth in a full cycle. 

Although it's more cheery and fun to make cards with colourful eggs and fluffy bunnies, I opt to remind myself and people around me that Easter is but the sacrifice the Son of God made for the salvation of mankind.  Well, I thought it could be quite difficult to make a card with such serious notion about death (unless it's for Halloween). But then I came across some suitable stamps at the recent Big Stamping & Scrapbooking Fair. Saw this crown of thorns and the bible and immediately thought I just need to have it as it's not the typical kinda stamp image we would see everyday.

So this is my take for Easter card.

Stamps: Bible & Crown Of Thorns (Stamp Away), Sentiment (RubberNecker)
Paper: 5"x7" Opalescent White Card (Royal Langnickel),  Connemara (Laura Ashley)
Ink: Black Tuxedo (Memento), Old Paper & Walnut Stain (Distress)
Promarkers : Saffron, Coral, Satin, Crimson, Canary, Soft Lime, Amethyst, Prussian, Leaf Green, Blender 
Accessories: 2cm width Forest Green Satin Ribbon
Tools: Ornamentel Die (Tim Holtz)

Sharing this card with :

Have a Blessed Easter everyone. May we all be touched once more by His saving grace this season.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Candy Coming Soon

Looking forward to the Big Stamping & Scrapbooking Show tomorrow. When I am back from that, I will be completing the craft collections (started accumulating since Hobbycrafts Fair last month) for my 1st blog candy giveaway. It will be seen within next week - so, watch this space!

And I will also be announcing the receivers of the Liebster Award which I had delayed for more than a month now.

Stay tune people! Cheerss


Thursday, April 7, 2011

For The Macho

UK's Mother's Day has just passed on the 3rd April (but elsewhere celebrates it on 8th May) and I can't help but to think, "So what's for Dad now?" I know Easter should be the next card occasion or maybe the current Spring season too... but I am in mood for making a For Him card design. And it's not often I feel like making cards for men as it's always easier to make cards for ladies, isn't it? 

Besides, I have been making Spring themed cards and if I were to make Easter cards, I don't want to be using mere eggs and rabbit sentiments (just like santa, reindeer and snowman on Christmas). People should know/remember the true reason Easter and Christmas are celebrated. Some people may think religion may spoil the fun but hey, these days are meant to commemorate Jesus Christ for His gift of sacrificial love.

Anywhere, here's for the macho...

Hat off to the Macho ;)

With daylight

Had to trim the rounded edge of the blue piece after being punched with Threading Water Punch to make it look edgier and less lace-looking or feminine ;)

With indoor lighting

Realized I had to make two and another to be stocked up.

Oops, no I need to send out 3.  So I would need to make 1 more if  I want to keep 2.

Promarkers : Aegean, Denim Blue, Duck Egg, Raw Sienna, Saffron, Blender
Stamp : Cowboy Hat (May Hughes)
Paper : 5"x7" Opalescent Blue Card, Purple Cardstock, The Spring Stack (DCWV), Brown Cardstock, Blue Cardstock, White Cardstock

Miscellaneous : 1.5cm Black Satin Ribbon, Brads, Embossing Powder & Pad (WOW!)
Tools : Threading Water Border Punch (Fiskars), Swiss Dots Embossing Folder (Provo), Heat Tool, Ornamental Die (Tim Holtz Alterations)

Sending this gentleman to only three 'crafty' venues :


Friday, April 1, 2011

Time For Mother Nature

Literally Mother Nature! This card I just created is mainly green like the nature and it's for a mother. ^_^ 

Yawn, It's 3am now, so I shall quickly just link up this card for the challenges this card is intended for. I shall be back to this post to enter more details.

Realized the previous Thank you card maybe more feminine than the Mother's Day card.. But I guess it turned out alright because of the soft touches of girly elements like lace and flowers.

Thanks to all DT members that take time to visit my blog and leave encouraging comments. Not forgetting my friends that follows my blog too ;)

*Yawn* The lagging of the notebook during the uploading of pics took forever, it's now 4.20am.

P/S : Some of these leaf jewel embellishments will be included for my upcoming blog candy - my 1st one ever ;)