Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaga-like hat appeared at Royal Wedding

Shocked by the choice of hat design for Princess Beatrice (Prince William's cousin). Immediately it reminded me of Gaga's lobster hat. I wonder if her hat maker drew inspiration from that and if the princess is Gaga's fan too ;)

*Yawn* The wait for the kiss and wave of the newly wed Prince William & Princess Kate at the Buckingham Palace is like eternity. (Woah!!! They just came out at this very moment as I type). They waved and waved. Then, they just kissed. It was funny when while the BBC was replaying their kiss in slow mo, the duo kissed again for the second time and the surprised BBC quickly switched to the camera focusing on them live : ) It's also fun to see how these crowd remained at the compound even after the Couple returned indoors. It was as though they were expecting an encore from a band. XD

Oh well, gotta sleep now since I have finally witnessed the glamourous moment.

Thanks for the public holiday, Prince William & Princess Kate ;) 'Goodnight'.


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