Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goodies From 6,500 Miles Away

 This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of this package.

The moment I saw how my name was written, I knew which angel sent this my way. 
It's from my crafter friend, Miss Kiraishi

And of course no gift is complete without a greeting card. Though she didn't 
make this herself, she chose a card that j'aime.

Now, I must figure out what goodies I could get her. It's my turn to spread the love.


Monday, June 17, 2013

New On Board

Been wanting to share this good news from day 1 
but it seemed that now is the better time for it...

This badge is free, obtainable upon request from any London tube station counters. It really did help me 
especially when my tummy was not obvious under all those winter layers and I felt I needed to sit. 
If people around are vigilant, you could be offered a seat without needing to request for one.

Now that explains the low energy and all. 
A little peanut is growing!
Month 3 :)