Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unconventional CNY cards

There isn't much atmosphere in London for Chinese New Year  as expected. But my hubby said there would be some activities in Chinatown on the 6th February which is the 4th day of CNY. Just realized that CNY is not exactly based on a Lunar Calendar but Lunisolar that incorporates elements of both Lunar & Solar calendars.

Since there isn't much of a big event here in the west, CNY card designs are limited in those Asian shops. So I decided to make them this year. Wanted to create several not-so-staunch-china-red cards. So, here is my 1st design.

Made a DIY stamp for a chinese character. 福 means blessings.

I think I did alright for someone who isn't chinese educated. This stamp is definitely
worth keeping, eh? By the way, it was used on the inside on the card.

The 1st design for CNY card 2011.

I am planning to make more cards tonight. This next batch will be made to look more conventional. Have to rush the production as I hope for the cards to be delivered and received by some loved ones overseas in time for the celebration.


  1. So nice. I want to commission some cards when you come back to KL permanently. Want to give to my parents and in-laws

  2. Thanks, Naz. I really do hope I will be commissioned to do some cards when I am back in Msia.