Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cards Library

Pencil pop up cover

Pencil pop up feature from back elevation


Pop Art

Girl with balloons (made from clay)


Tooth fairy :)

Cheeky - pull the tongue and you'll see saliva

Jewel card... oops one jewel dropped ; p

Love Dove


Baby Split instead of banana split ;) (banana and babe made from clay)

Chocs or me?

xoxo ^_^

Pop up heart inside

Bear huggy

Nature calls? tehee

Missing you

Heart pop up cover

Heart pop up feature from back elevation

Bear draws

Had already sold some of these cards at the Flea Market at Sunway Lagoon Club. There was no crowd. Very few people came throughout the whole period from 10am-7pm. Some vendors couldn't stand it, packed and left their booth at 2pm.

It was my 1st experience as a vendor and I stayed till 7pm. Thank God my sales did not only cover the booth rental but also made a little bit more. It was more of the response I craved to see from people towards my art and not the sales. Really.

For next venue, I'll be aiming for Amcorp Mall. Hopefully I can get to register for a booth there for the last weekend of February.  Fingers crossed!


  1. lovely cards! esp love the pop-ups.... erm...how come got three dots before and after each photo ah? :-?

  2. hehe. those with 2 views like pop up ones, i put them one after another lor. then the different ones i put dot dot to separate... just an indication lar.

  3. come on, carol. if it isn't because of all the high detailed models and presentation boards you got to do sitting in from of ur pc, you could have came up with stuff just as cool if not better.