Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clay Art Tissue Box

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Some months ago,  was a period when I decided to stop working and to take up a clay modeling course. It's not pottery type of clay but more fun like figurine making like dolls, flowers, tissue box, clocks, music boxes and etc. The centre I went to actually do have a professional artist that specializes in clay design. His art acquires techniques and his precision skill in detail is amazing.

My 1st clay project was to make a tissue box. the box was a ready made box but painted with oil paint for the start. Then I adorned the box with all clay art - pumpkins and leaves, timber fencing and a grey rabbit on top, munching away a tiny pumpkin. I love it to bits. What do you think?


  1. Wow...impressive stuff! Can't wait for the 'shop' to really open! Go Jo! :-P

  2. hey allan doggy, u found me
    1 am still new at using wordpress! esp uploadg pics
    may take long while but am slowly getting a hang of it.Thanks. The sales will mos probably
    began only after CNY. : ) Feel free to commen domemore. You are the Lucky nubmer 1
    commentator on m st.kekeke

  3. Hey Jo,

    Jenny here (your senior from high school, mother of the big eyed Benjamin ;p). Anyway, just wanted to drop a note saying this is good stuff! Keep it up! Totally love it! :D

  4. Whoaaa.. this is the stuff! Excellent job Jo.. so detailed @_@ This would be great for children's room decor! (ey.. where's winnie pooh and piglet?)
    Can't wait to see more of this; keep it up ;)

    btw, check out my cousin's blog site.. she makes the cutest fondant figurines on cupcakes, and they're selling like crazee!

  5. tq tq tq

    nah, this is just once off thingy, pooh, tiger, piglet wont get to join him to play after all ;)

    ooh, saw ur cousin's site. guess what? where i leaned the clay making techniques, there even chefs and
    girls who loke baking came to learn how to make the figurines with clay before they did the icing/fondant.
    because the teachnique and the tools are the same, just slightly different texture and fondant you gotta mix
    the color with food colouringlar.

    am not into baking and i dun have an oven or a microwave... so that will wait. but some months back,
    i did try making the tiny babe and fit it into a porcelain china spoon because my m-i-l wanted me to try
    if i could do it with the icing too ;) the babe is just like the one i had on my baby shower card on my 1st post
    here ;)

  6. Hei!!! very nice. OK...I need your help now. Hope it's not too short notice. I will be going to Singapore for a training on 25th Feb. I want to give something for 2 persons (1 woman and 1 man) who has been supporting us. So, you have anything that I can buy or can you make something? Let me know the cost, please. I will be sharing with Kimberley.

  7. Wow! Well, it's kinda surprising that you are going to be my 1st client placing oreder through this site it comes through ^_^
    Hmm... it's kinda tricky. I'll need some info to make a better decision on gift ideas for them :

    occasion/theme if any?
    their occupations?
    race & religion?
    should the gift be of perishable type or for keep sake?
    are the woman and the man a couple?
    do they have FB accounts?(can chk them out and perhaps get a better idea what they would like)
    and any preference of theirs you've already known.

    Btw, I seldom quote price. But usually before I began the my designing or resourcing, I prefer to know client's budget. That way he/she would benefit although I will be making more effort to meet the budget to make him/her an even happier client. (Ehem, self promoting now).