Saturday, October 2, 2010

Creative Arts in Dance?

I am in the midst of finding some suitable craft & fashion suppliers for the continual supply of materials when I began selling my crafts. Just last week, more of my craft-for-sale stock have reached me, courtesy of a friend who came for holiday. With some jewelries and crafts, I think I ought to start looking for a good venue to sell something and start getting my own pocket money.

But before I began committing some days to man my own craft stall, I will be talking to a dance school's education consultant to see how feasible would it be for me if I were to take a foundation year in dance next year.
Would much prefer the days I work to go round my dance classes. I am looking at Contemporary Dance.

Currently, I am taking a 12-week Contemporary Dance course at Laban in south east of London. This course will end with 3 performances at Blackheath Hall not too far away from Laban itself. We will be dancing to a live orchestra band. And one of the dance items, we will be dancing among the musicians with their classical instruments. Isn't it awesome?

Pray that I will find good suppliers that would give me good prices ;)

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