Monday, February 14, 2011

This Valentine's Day isn't Ours...

14th February is Valentine's Day. But ever since my hubby and I started going out, we have been celebrating our Valentines on 17th instead because 17 is our special number. 

We actually prefer celebrating it on our own Valentine's date to avoid the crowd and the overbooked venues everywhere on earth! I figured that it probably won't be such a romantic thing to have so many people out there and have every Valentine's item price marked up. On 17th, it's more quite... items are not necessarily more expensive and more venues are available for us.

By the way, today is also my hubby's stepfather's birthday ;) It's Birthday + Valentines. Last year, Chinese New Year Day was on the 14th, so it was Birthday + Valentines + CNY! It's good for people who loves crowd and parties but I think this birthday 'boy' loves a smaller group and would usually like more intimate time with several guests. 

Anyway, here's a shout out to all my friends, blog followers and crafters,

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ 




  1. We don't celebrate Vday. Don't see the point of being part of those who kena conned with overpriced stuff and all... and love should be declared everyday, not just this particular day anyway... ;P

    But nevertheless, hope you are being surrounded with your loved ones everyday! :)

  2. totally agree with you. amen! ;) i am now accumulating craft essentials every month, so i told john not to get me gifts anymore. ehehe.