Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh Baby Baby!~

Ooh, ideas streaming in... but somehow the execution of my card designs is limited to the few craft materials I have now. I guess I will have to make do till next month. Hobbycraft fair is just next month!

Meantime, here's yet another card:

Paper: Polka Dots from Retro (Paper Pizazz), Cream Card, Yellow Paper, Pink & Green Pearlescent Paper
Accessories: 1cm Yellow Flower Grosgrain Ribbon,Scrap White Cloth, Staple (pose as safety pin), Glitter Glue, 
Faber Castell Ecco Pigment Pen
Tools: Whimsy Texture Plate (Fiskars),  Multi Frame MFD020 (Nellie's)
Entering this for card challenges at :


  1. What a super CUTE card!
    LOVE your nappy embellishment and the sentiment is so much fun, gorgeous colour combo too!
    Thanks for playing along with us at AnnaBelle Stamps!

    Take Care,
    Kylie X

  2. This is so cute! I don't mind getting one of this when my 2nd one comes along! ;P

  3. thanks, kylie. my pleasure! i certainly had fun making it.

    jen, well... what you just wished kinda contradicts what i can do for you... no one can mail you anything without an add. i think you need to have a p.o. box ;)

  4. A super cute card! Love the nappy you created and the gorgeous colours!
    Thanks for playing along with us this week :)

  5. tq, andrea. i must say polka dots is one of the most fun pattern i like to work with ;)

  6. Ok, ok, I'll give you my address when my 2nd one going to come out OK? :P

  7. wow! jen, that will be a supercredibulous breakthrough! can't wait. kekeke. when are you due?

  8. I'll do anything to get that cute baby card of yours OK!!!!!

    Due mid Sept, long way to go!

    Though Ben's 2nd birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks... *hint*hint*

  9. Ooh, Sept,! She would be in your hands before you know it. Lol. Jen, no point hinting. no way it can reach you :) kekekeke.

  10. How would you know the baby is going to be a she? Hmmmm.....

    As for hinting, sigh, at least I tried! Btw, I am getting more interested in felt crafts. Any idea where I can Google for more info about it? Like any sort of craft website or anything. I tried Googling it but ended up mostly on those retail sites.. I want to know more about this craft, like what tools are required, techniques, etc etc...

  11. Kekeke. Ooh felt craft! Which type - needling / stitching or gluing?

    Meantime, here's one youtube for needle felted owl ;) I have yet attempted needle felting because it seems like it takes a lot of effort and patience. Youtube should have some good tutorials.

  12. Oops, here's the youtube link :

  13. That's the thing. I have 0 knowledge on what felt craft should be. Needling? Stitching? Gluing? Use what thread? What needles? All 0 ideas... ;(

    Thanks for the youtube link!

  14. Hmmm, then how come you had idea you want to try felt craft and not other craft? What exactly did you see that interested you?

  15. Came across this blog post about a homemade felt playmat for her toddler. It's really really cute. I posted the link in my FB page! Go check it out and drool along! :D