Friday, February 11, 2011

Would love a blog candy!

Well, I am sorry if you clicked on my blog thinking I am giving away one. Not yet but I guess I will consider giving away blog candies one day. It's just so fun!

Just as I was surfing for more card challenge to join, I came across Amanda's blog, Crafty Creations and she is giving away a superb candy - the We R Memory Keepers' Sew Easy Paper piercing and stitching kit!!! This is one of the most expensive craft candy I have seen online. 

Well, don't think I have anything to lose, so I entered myself for the candy. By end of February, we will see if I will be blessed with this Sew Easy Kit this way... or to get one myself one day if I don't end up buying a small sewing machine. ;) 

I am trying my luck for other candies too. So I went on surfing for more of 'em. Seen several but only interested in some kind of candies - sweet and healthy! Hahaha!~ Ehem. 
So the second one I saw and wanted is from Bows & Berries Digital Stamp Shop. They are giving away a mixed of blings, embossing folders, clear stamps, paper pad and etc. Yummy ;)

The 3rd candy I saw is from Annie@Ambriel Blog in conjunction with her Blogger-versary. I like the ribbons and I want to have some gems to be added to my craft stash. And I discovered a delightful thing - Annie came from my hometown! What a small world. Good to know more crafters from home. 

These people inspire me to have my bloggerversary candy too. But when shall it be? I started blogging since last year but I was not so regular. Hmmm, I guess everyone will know the date of my bloggerversary when I finally have my very own 1st blog candy giveaway too.


  1. Hey, if I come across any giveaways open to your area, I let you know OK? :)

    Nice blog btw, but need to adjust the sidebar width abit lah..

  2. hiya.. good of you to come by my blog and a shout out to my candy. Great meeting u at the blogging world. There is a host of Msian crafters now.. but crafty things here r so so expensive :(.
    I am following your blog, hope u do too.. so that I can introduce u to some of our Msian crafters.. cheers.

  3. hey jen,
    thanks for dropping by and following me ;) hmmm, not just widget... actually a lot more to tweak i think.

    arlo annie, i have began following you the same time i left you a comment. ya, i also got to know about the msian crafters and the craft bazaar they hold at central market 2-3 times a year. really nice to know the community is growing. and ya, the materials are expensive and have very limited choices because craft is still a niche although many do enjoy and appreciate crafts. but things like ribbons and papers are cheaper because china stuff is still cheaper for msia. the mark up price for same stuff here is crazy.
    just saw your profile and realized you started your blog post valentines day. what an easy date to remember ;)