Friday, February 18, 2011

New To Stamping Art

Been slowly (as slowly as I can resist) collecting all the craft essentials to make any type of cards I want to as and when. Crafting is so fun but it can the tools can be pretty costly. So, sometimes it is really cool whenever I stumble upon a great deal. One of the best deals I got myself was this...

...rubber stamp set of 75, a mix of sentiments and images. It's classic stuff with may images for birthday, flowers, Christmas and etc. And boy, these wooden blocks are heavy! Guess how much I got this stamp set  for? £19.90. Can you believe it? So, when I saw it, I thought it would be my 1st batch for stamp collection. 

After I gotten these stamps, I thought perhaps these images would need colours to bring them to life. That's when I realized how much more I would need to invest in these stuff that works hand in hand. Did some reseach online and saw that there are two main brands that many crafters are using to colour their stamp images - Promarker & Copic.  Since I am trying my best to get budget quality stuff, I went for Promarker. And these are the colours I have at the moment.

With these new markers, I went online to check out the tutorials of how others use them. These markers are great stuff. I never did realize that other than designers (Interior, Graphic, Fashion, Architecture, Product, Animation & etc), crafters use them too. I used to have several of these markers when I was studying Interior Design. I had about 15 of those. We used them for perspective sketches and to create some effects on our presentation boards. However, the colour rendering with markers was not the kind of technique I favoured. Suffice it to say, I cannot recall the brand of the markers I had! After the completion of the ID course, my markers were hidden in some nook to collect dust and spiders. When one cousin began to pursue architecture, I gladly gave all the markers to her.

So, it's kinda quaint that I am recollecting these markers once again. But this time, they are treated as my prized possessions ;)

Other than collecting more essential colours from Promarker and maybe Copic too, I am also hoping to go into the art of heat embossing. Would love to begin making cards with nice embossed stamped images/sentiments. But oh well, I guess I will have to pace myself for these craft investment, lest I be broke.


  1. Wowee.. look at the great deal you have gotten. I am totally addicted to purchasing craft materials.. m totally broke now lol. Starting a job next month, so that I can continue this expensive hobby.
    I love what you have gotten, can see so many different projects with them... fab buy :)

    Cant see what projects you can create with them :)

  2. Yup, it was a steal. But I am not using so much of the stamps yet as I am still perfecting my colouring on them... doing the kindergarten way - on paper.

    All the best for your job, Annie. Gambateh!