Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cherish The Love


I am liking square cards. Probably I got too used to A-size cards. I will be making more of these 6"x6" cards.

Made the felt flowers and embossed dots onto a pearlescent card. 

Oh, I have to admit the photos could be better. Currently my photos are taken with the Samsung  PL150 (or TL210 as it’s known in the USA). It's a fairly good camera with a front LCD for people who likes a bit of cam whoring like myself : p The problem is perhaps the poor lighting. Whenever there's a bit more money I could spend, I would end up spending on crafts materials. I guess someday soon I would need to hold my horses and send my DSLR for repair. The Nikon DSLR camera I have can't shoot anymore... it just wouldn't focus and wouldn't function at all. I wonder how much will it cost to fix the problem and I am hoping the camera clinic that I send to will do a decent job with a reasonable price without having my any other Nikon parts stolen/exchanged.


  1. Request: make a "Making of..." video! Wanna see you in action, making those goal motifs. How do you get the glitter to not fall off in the long run, anyway? :)

  2. Hey Kiffer,

    The gold motif on this card was not done by me, the paper came like that ;) I made the flower embellishment though.

    The gold prints which I made on the other card you like is here :

    That one was made using heat embossing. If you can find many youtube on how to heat emboss... may consider to attempt doing my own video tutorial one day ;)