Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve in London

Me & my Mister ; )

It's was the eve of Chinese New Year on 2nd February 2011. On the CNY eves, the chinese would gather with their family members and have a feast. But this year, we are far away from our home land, we celebrated with our 'adopted family' (close friends) by having a nice dinner at the Chinatown. 

None other than the London Chinatown

Another view of the Chinatown

We had yummy dishes with the Salted Egg Prawns and 'Nin Koh' (CNY cake) being the highlight for me. Another thing that made my day was that I walked past a restaurant and saw a lion dance was about to begin. In just less than 10seconds, they started their performance. Ooh, I was so excited. It was a short routine but I was very pleased. It was a happy night with good company. Missing home and missing some nostalgic CNY goodies. 

My first Lion Dance of the year

With the ever-so-bubbly friend

As to get into the CNY mood, I have decided to wear this same red coat from the eve till this Sunday (2nd - 6th Feb). Just for fun.

Me & my red coat


  1. Jo,
    Good to see you guys having fun in London!

    Chris Yong

  2. Hey Chris!!! Good to see your comment too ;) Thanks. Take care!