Friday, June 8, 2012

Manicured Nails of Crafters

I’ve always admired how manicured the nails of the craft-making presenters or simply any of these ladies doing their own craft tutorials.

Ya, I understand the hands should be presentable especially if that’s all people see of you in your video. I love nail polish. The problem lies in the colours I dig…

These red hues are my all-time favs but they often get smudged on my crafts, cards & other surfaces. I have to also avoid other nail polish colours I have - black, copper & coral pink.

So I guess I will have to resort to my other favs - silver, luminous pastels, french pink & white when I know I would be making cards the following days. Do you have this problem with nail polish smudges too? Pleeeeeease tell me I am not the only one.


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