Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Detachable Peter Pan Collar

Disclaimer : Celine Jo does not usually sew and she does not have any experience in sewing for crafts & clothing.

Made this collar sometime last month because initially I insisted on not buying another dress to qualify for an event that went for the vintage theme.

Well, since I wanted to try my best not to spend on another dress, this is how far I have gone in my attempt...

I have no template, so I just use a deflatable neck pillow as a guide. And also a kitchen towel to help alter the shape.

Yes, I know this looks awfully ugly. But this is what I call determination. One can try right? Wait till you see the result at the end of this post.

My made do template kinda worked. For keeping it cost free, I used a fabric I already have.

Cut these two identical shapes.

Then, I hand sewn them together as neat as neat possible. To make it look a little less bland and more vintagey, lace trimming was added. It's still cost free ;)

Oh, by the end of the night, I was regretting the determination I had. Hand sewing is so tedious
=_=! And not to mention I don't usually sew unless I have to reattach a button or mend a hole. *Pssst* I even avoid wearing those clothing that needs sewing/mending for quite a while till I actually need them again :p

Anyway, this is how my dress looks like with the detachable collar I made. And guess what? After all that effort, I ended up not wearing it to the event. Ahaks!

It's a valuable experience but nonetheless I don't think I would attempt it again without a proper template & a sewing machine.

Recently, am back on considering getting a sewing machine for making more crafts. Singer, Brother & Toyota made it to the list. Leaning towards Singer as she is the pioneer in sewing industry and it would be easier to get it fixed in any country. But cost wise, I could get a Brother at a more affordable price with 3-month instalments. I guess Toyota is now out of the league as I see it more of a car brand. Haha.

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