Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Millinery Hat

My hubs & I were invited to a wedding with the dress code - 1950s. I don't quite have a 1950s dress but the basic requirement stated in the invite was 'hats for ladies & suits for men'. So, I just kept to the hat idea ;)

I had recently cut my waist-length hair to a funky-assymetrical-short length. Hats aren't exactly ideal for the new spiky hair.

So I decided to take on an interesting project to make myself a small millinery hat that goes with the hairstyle & matches my dress. A blue one!

Initially thought I would wear something purple, thus the colour palette below.

Bought the tiny black millinery hat from a local departmental store's craft section for only £2. Wrapped it with a white lace which I painted blue with my graphic markers and then I padded it to add a hair clip on the inside.

Got a plain blue flower corsage, darkened some petals with blue graphic marker to elevate it from the flat colour and added some beads & feather to glam it up.

To make the hat a tad more impressive, I added the copper mesh ribbon which was sparsely painted with metallic blue paint, and the white veil-netting.

And this was how I looked like in my vibrant dress with the matching blue millinery hat!

I bet it's quite hard to find a millinery hat that is not black, white, beige or red ;0)



  1. Thanks! May I know how to pronounce your name? I can't read the language ;)

  2. Jo! That's so creative and the hat looks beautiful. Great Job!