Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lighting Solution - Free!

It's brilliant! And it costed me nothing.

More than 1 week ago, I made a diy photo studio box to achieve better photos for my cards & craft items.
I realized I really need white lighting to aid my product shoot as and when... and not only when there is bright sunlight. Was uploading my cards' photos on Etsy the other day & I felt the photos could be taken in a better lighting.

Took a few days before I got an idea for this budget solution :) While watching TV, an idea suddenly came to mind - a blue transparency sheet could change my warm lighting to a cool one. So I immediately grab the sheet & secure it to my desk lamp with a rubber band and voila!


I conveniently used the table lamp which is already at my crafting space.

 Glad that the problem I had with insufficient lighting for the studio box is now resolved. Easy peasy and it costed me nothing. Hoorah!


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