Thursday, March 17, 2011

Retrieving My Unaccomplished Dream

As I have mentioned in my profile, dance is my passion. It has been my dream to receive professional training for dance. 

Ever since I got relocated to London with my husband, I have not danced much - not for fun and not for ministry either. But I managed to participate in a dance project at Laban which went on for 3 months and ended with a 2-day performance. The performance was themed Danse Macabre and performed with life orchestra.

During rehearsal

With other participants

The look  I did as required for the show

Full rehearsal with live orchestra band

I realized I am being in the right country to pursue dance. London is a place with the wealth of performing arts. With much prayers and surfing online for the past few months, I came across a perfect place to get the kind of training I want. It's Spring Dance. They offer training for those who has the desire to minister dance through the Christianity context. I made my inquiry and application for that course within the past 3days and voila, they are inviting me for the audition which happens to be on this Saturday. 

The audition will take form of a contemporary class, a short improvisation, a solo and an interview. I have to find a song and choreograph a solo in such a short time. The audition is this Saturday! 

If they accept me, I will be training with them from September 2011 till either December 2011 (foundation) or July 2012 (full course). I will get to be in the full course if they deem me qualified.

My husband and I prayed for inspiration and the word, 'Earthquake' came to mind. So it's a good start with an idea of what kinda song to look for - one that gives awareness to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 

I have spent quite a long while searching for the song of hope in remembrance of Japan's incident and mostly likely I'll be using the song which I discovered from this youtube.

This is a slideshow of Japan after earthquake. The song is entitled, 'Build Us Back' by Know+Hope Collective which was formally a band called Audio Adrenaline. This is the song lyrics :

We’ve been crumbled, we’ve been crushed
City walls have turned to dust
Broken hands and blistered feet
We walk for miles to find relief

When the thief takes, when our hopes cave
You build us back
You build us back
When the earth shakes, when the world breaks
You build us back
You build us back

We are scared, we are poor
All our safety nets are torn
We’ve been humbled to our knees
From these ruins, we believe

Redeemer, redeem us
Restorer, restore us
Oh build us back
Though the mountains be shaken, the hills be removed
Your unfailing love remains
After all that’s been taken, Your promise, still sacred
You build us back with precious stones

May God speed Japan!

I have mixed feelings about this audition. But I am definitely excited about it. Oh well, it's close to 4.00am now and I ought to catch some sleep. Please pray for my inspiration for choreography to come soon. 



  1. thanks! i am still choreographing my steps. bits here and there but have yet probably fitted them in the song. just did 38secs, another 1:10 more to go ;)

  2. I wish you all the best of luck .. please let us know how you do xxx