Monday, March 28, 2011

Overjoyed at Hobbycrafts Fair

It was such a great experience at the Hobbycrafts Fair in NEC, Birmingham on Saturday. I was so determined to be involved in some free workshops, so I arrived the venue at about 9.15am and began queuing up with some other eager ladies (and some obviously-not-so-eager guys that came with their wives) at the entrance before they were open (9.30am) for the day. So there I was waiting among the small crowd of about 150 persons and only approximately 15metres away from entrance. When they finally opened the entrance, I almost squeaked in excitement (oh, maybe I actually did!). The initial glance at the varieties of craft items and booths was overwhelming but before I went bonkers and began shopping, I went straight to hunt for the two booths to get myself registered for their workshops. I attended workshop with WOW! Embossing Powder.

My first time using the embossing powder. 

and made this little mdf booklet.

Have decided it's time I invest on embossing powder as it's not an impulse buy. I have delayed this purchase since last year. So I got some powder and ink from WOW!'s booth itself and a heat tool for £7.50 from Samuel Taylors' booth. What a steal!

I also attended the Debbi Moore Designs Workshop. 

My first time making an easel card. Real easy to just cut and paste the elements. This is like a cheating way to make a quick card without needing much thought for design ;) At the end of the workshop, participants are each gifted with a Debbi Moore Designs CD of 100 Beautiful Vintage Flowers.

After that I couldn't spare too much time taking too many pics or looking at any more stuff at the other fairs (same ticket entitled one to Sewing For Pleasure and Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch) within the same hall because there are seriously too many things to check out. So much stuff, so little time! Anyway, here are some photos I managed to take just to remember the craft fair by.

I went to the fair prepared with a foldable trolley. Without it, I think I would have had more strains on my arms and legs carrying all my new treasures through the whole day. I literally meant the whole day because I was in the fair till the vendors were packing up and when the organizer kick the visitors out! Plus after that I had the trolley with me (from Birmingham) till I got back to my accommodation in Redditch at 11pm.

The bargain I got at the fair made my day. And when the group of friends I met up with after the fair decided
to go for a Japanese dinner, it was double yay!!! We went to Woktastic near Bullring Mall.

I went for their Unlimited Japanese Fusion Buffet for only £12. I had about 27 items including sushi, tempura, noodle soup, fried ramen, katsu curry chic with rice, cheese cake, apple crumble, fruits, jelly and etc. What a cool deal!

It was an extremely pleasant day for me.


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  1. The heart shaped booklet you made looks very nice! And I kinda expected you'll show a picture of your trolley (and the treasures you got from the fair...)