Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dance O My Soul...

Oh yes, there is one other major reason as to why I will not be so active blogging and making cards at the moment. My 3-month full time dance course has just started and it will end in December. It is very knackering and I can hardly do much other than cooking dinner once I get home.

During dance science class

I thank God for this given opportunity to be trained on the genre of Contemporary and Ballet as I have been doing mostly Hip Hop and Jazz all this while. Classes have been challenging - physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically exhausting, memory demanding and emotionally affected... but all these are happening for the certain kind of dancer (person) that He has intended me to be.

All glory to Him



  1. Good luck, have fun and enjoy. Well done on taking this course xxx

  2. Thanks, Dora! Hope things are well with you too. xoxo.

  3. Hi Janna. Yes it is. I love it whenever I discover a new fact from the dance science :0)