Saturday, October 1, 2011

Move it, move it. move it...

August was a very busy month. It was summer and there were so many outdoor activities luring me to enjoy the lovely heat and sunshine. Besides that, I was also busy packing to move to another home on 1st September. Packing and all the preparation, moving day and settling down in a new place could really drain one's energy.

As of now, my husband and I are trying to settle down a.s.a.p. The last batch of furniture just arrived last Saturday and we took the whole weekend to have them all assembled. The next tedious thing is to rearrange the stuff from boxes to the shelves, cabinets and under bed storage. As of this afternoon, I just did my 1st attempt to squeeze all  my craft items on to the designated shelves. Oh, I really can't wait to get all these done and begin to properly enjoy the new home. Would love to rejoin the crafting world soon.

We have moved to Stratford in East London. This is where the Olympic 2012 Stadium is. A new Westfield Shopping Mall has just been open on 13th September.

So many constructions going on in East London in preparation for the Olympics. Roads and pavements repaired; new mall and more tube lines connecting from Stratford itself. I love the convenience of staying relatively near the mall, shops, cinemas and public transport. Totally awesome.

It has been unusually hot the past few days. It's such a strange October in London... an Indian Summer!Just sometime ago, a local newspaper said it would snow in October. Doubt it's going to happen now. Anyway, I shall enjoy every bit of this 'summer' warmth and wear all the dresses I want before the winter hits and I'd have to wrap up like a penguin.


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