Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cloud Pillow

It's Throwback Thursday! ^_^

While Baby G was still in the womb, I was excited and couldn't wait to kit up for her nursery corner. One of the things I so wanted to do was to hand make a soft toy for her. So I began ogling at Pinterest and decided I would like to make something whimsical but not too ambitious. I started with the idea of a cloud.

The materials used were fabrics from clothing I almost discarded. Among them 
were socks that shrunk after several wash.

 I choose the most colourful pairs. Cut to desired shapes and sewn it the edges up 
before I started stuffing it.

Then, I also used a dark grey cotton turtle neck I had. After that, two sheer pink circles 
of felt were for the cheeks and simple hand sewing done for the eyes & smile :)

When those sewing were done, I sewn the cloud edges and left one opening to allow stuffing 
of the fibre I took from an existing cushion I opened earlier for another project. This is 
definitely a cheaper way of getting the fibre than to buy a whole new pack of it. 
I sewn it shut after that.

So... there you go, a cloud buddy for my Baby G. It was the first item 
in the cot while it was still pending for more furnishings.

I think I could almost hear some of you whisper, "Why such a dark cloud, not white or blue?" It's for very practical reasons. I did not want white as it gets dirty easily. Did not use blue either because I wanted more pink to come through in this creature to signify it's a baby girl I made it for... though I usually cringe at too much pink and I always try to use more neutral colours in her other baby stuff. And this dark grey soft fabric came from my top, so I thought... that's made with mummy's top, another personal touch to it.

She is now 8.5 months old and I am glad she has taken to it. Just a couple of day ago, she moved it (while she commando crawled) from one corner of the cot to the other end where she fell asleep.

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