Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sew Pleased

When I was commissioned to design and produce this artwork, I was really excited about it. A small square piece of cloth was given as the base material. The artwork would be included in a prayer tapestry which would showcase many other churches' artworks in England for Lift Up 2014, Elim's Year of Prayer. 

This complex project landed on me suddenly but fortunately I managed to finish it in just 6 days.

These were the materials which I intended to use but not all 
were needed in the end.

A friend of mine saw this while I was still working on 
the artwork. She thought this padded hand was spooky :D

This was the quickest way I could think of getting a hand shake shape at 
that moment. Later, I realized I should have tried using a glove instead.

Description has been included on the reverse of the 
label tab within the artwork.

I tried my best to use several types of textiles 
and textures to create an interesting 3D artwork.

The completed artwork. So pleased :)

The tapestry will be completed and displayed in 2015. Can't wait to see the big picture!



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