Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calligraphy Pays

The mister messaged me from work and asked me if I could do his colleague a favour by doing some calligraphy work for them -  to be used in their presentation to a client. I was thrilled. I immediately said yes

This is not the first time I did calligraphy for a company. The first time was when I was commissioned by Van Cleef & Arpels to write the names on dinner place cards for their guests. It was for the dinner launch of the brand in the Malaysia outlet. My eyes widened when I saw the name list which included the King, the Queen, the infamous local stars, tycoons & etc. Felt so honoured to have the privilege to write their names and be seen by them. And some other times, I did calligraphy on invites for my previous employer.

Anyway, the mister came home with this.

 A lovely gesture for helping them out.


This was a demo I showed them. I can do several different types though.

And these were the actual calligraphy done on the special art paper provided.

Well, I know these days the computer has so many type fonts, hand calligraphy is seldom needed and appreciated. But I must say the elegance & the sophistication of the real calligraphy can never be replaced by the rigid perfect strokes of the printed serifs. And it will always be an art appreciated by the aristocrats.


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