Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bas Sekolah Friends & Pat-A-Cake Games


 It was a lovely sunny weekend. Met up with a good ol' friend from primary school days. We were from different schools but we took the same school bus. 

 Scim 1033
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Together with a few others, we used to play all sorts of silly games & activities on board to while away time during the journey home which coincides with the traffic jams during peak hours. Among the many things we did while the bus was on the move were sinnet weaves for key chains, sharing junk food, pat-a-cake clapping games, thumb wrestling, water guns, exchanging name cards (with a cartoon or an artiste's photo) and autograph books (covers were wrapped in gift wrappers)...

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and blowing elastic bubbles. There would also be a whole different set of games when the bus stopped at a station for 30 to 60 minutes. 

We also had many memorable experiences together - attending the neighbourhood night market for the first time, visiting a famous water theme park, picnics, birthdays and not to mention admiring the cool popular guys always standing at the bus entrance with their fly-away hair.

It seemed interesting when I explained to my parents who I was meeting up for coffee. We had a mini bas sekolah (school bus in malay) reunion. All of us are now working, some married and some with kids. Everyone is still looking good and youthful :)


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