Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pre Olympics London 2012

It was like a series of unfortunate events for the past two weeks (not quite like Lemony Snicket's but horrible enough). I caught a pickpocket tugging at my pocket & I went hysterical. A teen stranger scared me for fun & almost attacked me. 

(Picture taken fr Runaway Jane)

My closest cousin got into a freak car accident. She went into a coma & was admitted into ICU.

Made the paper crane origami & took this pic at my balcony. For my hospitalized cousin.

Then there were also other events that got me really busy & knackered (refer to previous similar entry). Involved with my senior pastor's 60th birthday celebration just two Sundays ago...

A big & long card I made for pastor's birthday. I also designed the emblem with inspiration from his fav football team.

Some old pics of pastor on the reverse.

... and weeks full day dance rehearsals for Big Dance event in conjunction with Olympics London 2012.

The Channel 4 crews came to film Wayne McGregor (one of British's best choreographers) & us at the east hub during the rehearsal today.

Channel 4 filming us at our rehearsal venue.

The dance vest ready to be distributed.

The actual event will be held on 14th July at Trafalgar Square with several other hubs totaling several hundreds of dancers. Channel 4 will be showing the documentary on Wayne & Big Dance event from conception till the performance.


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