Sunday, July 29, 2012

Memorable July

July & August were packed months.

So much was happening in UK that I decided I must not miss experiencing all these free activities before they become one of  UK's best moments in the British History.

My Big Dance performance finally took place on 14th July at Trafalgar Square. It was a new experience dancing at this famous square and be filmed by the local tv station, Channel 4.

Red dot, one of Olympics Colours. Looks like a Japanese flag, no?

Live from Channel 4.

Taking a plunge at the centre of the Trafalgar Square.

This was how massive the Big Dance event was.

Yep, all done. We want to do it all over again!

Days leading up to the Olympics, the Torch Relay events were everywhere... 

...well not all at once but one place at a time of course. :) On 21st July, I witnessed one within my home ground, literally a stone throw away. When the torch bearer came running to the meeting point, 

I was just 5 metres away behind him when he stopped and posed for quick photos & the passing of the flame to next torch bearer. So surreal that I was standing so near & watching it live!

On 27th July, I organised a Thai dinner with some friends to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012. The restaurant was the one nearest to the Olympics main stadium. 

Flew above us & heading towards stadium.

The Thai restaurant.

My mister & I after the first major barrier. Look at the crowd behind us that haven't gained access.

Atmosphere in the restaurant was warm & jolly that night.

We could see so much going on the site besides whatever that was not shown on the restaurant's big tv - international reporters, performers coming out for a bite, delegates & etc. 

One of the best parts was when we caught the fireworks towards the finale outside the restaurant. We were so near the stadium site that we felt the tremour & the heat of the fireworks. It was so awesome! Again, it felt so surreal.

After the opening ceremony was over at around midnight, the first people to leave the site were those in the restaurants & pubs. 

Then, followed by throngs from the main stadium itself. Everyone made a bee line for the tube & bus stations... but not me. I was fortunate enough to be staying nearby within walking distance. Some of my friends got home 3am that night.

Ah, Olympics 2012 rock!


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