Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patience My Beloved

To my beloved followers and giveaway participants,

I hope you are as eager as I am as we count down towards the announcement day for my blog candy giveaway's lucky winner.

As some of you may already know or even experienced that Blogger or rather Google has been misbehaving malfunctioning for the past one month. I have my share of difficulties logging into my own account, following blogs, checking on the giveaway's new participants, commenting using my own Google ID and etc.

Therefore in hindsight, please note that I may not be able to do the announcement immediately although the giveaway will be closed to new entries from the stated time and date. While there is a possibility of delay, the announcement will however be made within the first week of June. Your patience is much appreciated.

I hope this update has not hampered your excitement. It's just next week! Remember to watch this space.

Best of luck, everyone! ^_^



  1. really excited....
    hope the lucky one is meeeeeeeeeeee

  2. wooohooo ! hopefullt it's me. if it's me, do u mind waiting ? because I'm off to my village next week for the holidays :) anyways, thanks for the GA ! it's wonderful :)

  3. Hi Leslie,

    If you are the lucky winner, I will hold the giveaway till 10 June before I decide to let the Inlinkz system pick another winner.

    Have a nice holiday wherever you are going.