Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Added 4 Consolations for Blog Candy Giveaway Participants

Just a little post before the announcement tonight (British Summer Time) for the winner to my very 1st blog candy giveaway.

Since there can only be one winner for the giveaway and the giveaway has been created in conjunction with the Royal Wedding, I have decided to throw in 4 postcards of the Royal Wedding / Engagement of  Prince William & Kate - one postcard to each of the four other lucky persons to be picked by the Inlinkz system.

So tonight, if you are not the one lucky winner of the giveaway, you may still be the other four lucky winners to receive a consolation, a Royal Wedding souvenir postcard with British stamp & to be delivered from UK. ^_^

No direct email or message will be sent to the winner(s), so you will have to check the blog for announcement.


P/S : The winner(s) have to redeem the giveaway/gift by 7th June 2011. If the giveaway/gift still uncollected,  new winner(s) will be drawn via Inlinkz system. 



  1. Dear Jocelyn, if I win, you can contact my friend, MIchelle thru her blog http://mizhmia-gaandc.blogspot.com/ . tell her bout it cos she knows my full name, address and telephone no. ;)

    Anyways, hopefully I win one of the postcards if I don't win the 1st prize ;) hehe

    thanks ;) sorry for spamming your entries ;)

  2. Dear Joel,

    Like I said by the end of this post, you will have to check for yourself.

    Since you have been very eager to win this giveaway, a very curious question came to mind - do you craft? If you don't, what do you intend to do with all the craft stuff if you win the prize? I wonder...

    Anyway, it's all p to Inlinkz now.

    Have fun at your holiday.

  3. Good for the participants. They can have consolation prize even if they don't win the grand prize at least they won something.