Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strawberry Millinery Clip

During this phase with Baby G going from milestone to milestone, so much has been going on I could hardly do much of anything else until she is fast asleep. 

The mister decided we should check out the Hyper Japan. It was convention held at Earls Court at the end from our home. It was not a straight foward trip with the pram in tow. I always feel I have to bring the whole house when we bring Baby G with us :D

Anyway, the night before I felt one ought to put on a little something extra when attending any Japanese event. So I quickly looked through my stash of craft supplies that are easy to reach (as more than 10 boxes from previous house move are still sealed & hidden away). 

The following photos are the self explanatory diy steps...


To make it look a little more whimsical ( or ridiculous whichever you reckon :p ), I added two wing clips which I bought at the convention itself.

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