Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby G's Arrival Card

Throwback Thursday!

On 7th October 2013, exactly two months from the arrival date of Baby G, my mister came home with a lovely bouquet while I was making my last batch of cards to announce Baby G's arrival.

Well, I don't think I am a perfectionist but some people would say I am a bit OCD. Before Baby G arrived, I made sure her arrival cards would be designed, completed and ready with addresses and stamps to be mailed.

I started making this card one month after we moved into a new home and two months away from the delivery due date. Yes, a little crazy, but I like to plan ahead whenever I can esp. when I know I would not be able to spare any time to do anything else other than caring for my new love :)

This was me sitting cross-legged in front of a makeshift table churning out cards for the last time before starting a new lifelong 'project' - raising Baby G. Doing this while there were still boxes yet unpacked.

Not being a particularly girly girl myself, I decided to be a little easy on the pink while designing the card. My idea of using the feather on the card cover was to signify a newborn as light as a feather.

It was a great opportunity for me to use these small doilies. I had fun doing the heat embossing of the words on them.

This 'lottery scratching patch' thingy was an idea I saw on online. I incorporated it in the announcement slip concealing the full name of Baby G.

These were the announcement slips stuck on the left pages while the right pages were a collage of Baby G's photos. Forgot to snap a picture of the right page. Oh, mummy brain!


Just as I intended it to be - simple but classy. Nothing too girly to give away the gender before they revealed the concealed name and the pink wrapper hiding the baby photo.

Guess I wouldn't be producing that many cards for a long while. Baby G is rather needy at the moment. She is uber adorable!


  1. I love this card. It was really beautiful. Love the "scratch to reveal" idea.

    1. Thanks, Aarti. Hope you are still brewing some creative juice for cards :)