Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lost & Found

A rare stroll with bubba since confinement.

What was rarer? We found a set of keys by my feet just where we stopped for this pic. Fortunately, there was a Sainsbury Nectar card attached to it. So we handed it to the nearest Sainsbury and suggested them to contact the rightful owner as the membership number on the card would have the details needed. They said they would also contact the police as part of the procedure. A few days after that, I even emailed Sainsbury to ensure the keys would not be ignored and forgotten. I know how inconvenient it could be when one loses keys. I just did last year.

I realized just how beneficial to have a membership card of some sort attached to keys.Without it, the keys would other wise normally be unidentified when found. Unless it is a criminal or special case when they actually bother to run forensic tests and all.


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