Thursday, November 7, 2013

Antenatal Classes

Well, I won't have long before my little bubba would be out to greet me. Though the pregnancy has not been an easy one, I have been filled with joy and excitement. It is interesting to watch how my tummy changes shape within seconds as she shifts and rolls. Sometimes gently, sometimes rather painful especially when she kicks my rib cage. Ouch! 
My parents says probably she would love football like her daddy.

As the big day is drawing near, my hubby and I attended two antenatal classes 
and one water birth class. Some things we did in the classes were quite fun.

They handed me an oriental looking baby
during a training session.

Learning the stages of labour.

One type of pool available for water birth. Different hospitals 
or labour centres would have different versions.

Interactive sessions include nappy changing, 
how to massage pregger and ways to manage contractions.

This is a book I have heard about since 15 years ago while I was still a teenager. Towards the third trimester, I began reading this book and claiming God's truth against fear. The prayers in it helped me keep calm and focus on God's goodness and not pain. From it, I learned not to anticipate pain or anything negative but to be positive and to turn my eyes to My Deliverer.  

It is subjective on how much this book really helps respective preggers. In my humble opinion, it depends on how much you believe in it and how determined you are in claiming God's truth. I highly recommend this book.


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