Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Restless Creative Juice

After all the Olympics & Paralympics hype subsided, and the moving of home had taken place. I began to think, "What next?"

I would usually like to think I want to be a lazy couch potato & just watch the tv whole day long. But I realized one consistency of me getting restless after 30 minutes or less sitting in front of the tv, knowing there are nothing waiting for me to work on after I am done watching the tv.  I need to do something more fulfilling. I need to be occupied with work or projects to get my brain juice working & to push my creativity further. 

I know I could make cards & join online challenges like I used to (actually I can't wait to resume) but I realized some things in life can wait while I acquire more skills.

So long story short, I took a short 5-week fashion course, had a go with the industrial sewing machine and designed a garment. 

The course required individuals to choose a theme to their design collection. And one garment to be completed by the end of the course. Some of the themes chosen by others were animal print, lace, punk, leather, army print, red carpet, egyptian, african & etc. Guess what theme have I chosen?

(Pic by Crafts 4 Camp)

Origami! A paper folding concept. Don't you think it would be interesting to wear/own a Origami garment? ^_^ I am already excited thinking about all the possibilities!

The garment will also be submitted as a competition entry, so I will be doing a presentation to 4 panel judges in December. Results shall be out by early 2013. If my design wins, it will be displayed/modeled in Stratford's Westfield, London. Fingers crossed.

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